DTMF Commands

Precede all commands with “*”

82      Say Time
860    parrot mode on
861    parrot mode off
870    local telemetry output timed on
871    Global Telemetry output on
872    All telemetry output off
891    play this weeks arrl news
892    play this weeks arn news
70      say all connections (telemetry must be on)
76      disconnect all links

1  <allstar node number>        disconnect allstar node
2  <allstar node number>        local monitor only mode, allstar
3  <allstar node number>        connect allstar node

Echolink node numbers: Echolink node number must be 6 digits, so lead the node number with zeros if needed

13 <Echolink node number>   disconnect Echolink node
23 <Echolink node number>  monitor only node
33 <Echolink node number>   connect Echolink node

Last update : 12.01.2017